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Praveen Swami is deputy editor with the New Delhi bureau of Frontline, a widely read biweekly magazine and one of India’s top news and policy publications. He reported on Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, and security issues for much of the 1990s before becoming Mumbai bureau chief in 1998. Swami also served as a producer for an independent television network, where he worked on two major projects related to terrorism in Punjab. His work on the Indian Army’s counterterrorist operations won him the Prem Bhatia Memorial Award for Political Journalism in 2003, one of India’s most important print journalism awards. He also received an award in 1999 for a series of investigative stories on Indian military and intelligence failures preceding and during the Kargil war. Swami received a Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Fellowship, which supported his undergraduate work at King’s College at Cambridge University, where he received a B.A. in history.

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