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Total ban on cow slaughter in MP

Suchandana GUPTA

Saturday 24 January 2004, by SUCHANDANA GUPTA

Article paru dans le Times of India, ?dition en ligne du samedi 24 janvier 2004.

BHOPAL : The Uma Bharti government has enforced a total ban on cow slaughter in the state. Any person found guilty of cow slaughter or even selling cows or donating cows for the purpose of slaughter would be jailed for three years and fined up to Rs 10,000 under the Madhya Pradesh Cow Slaughter Ban Ordinance.

The state government on Friday confirmed that governor Ram Prakash Gupta has given his assent to the new Ordinance. Government officials claimed the Ordinance has come into force with immediate effect.

"No person could kill cows, nor get them killed. No person could hand over cows for slaughter, nor could get it done by others. If found guilty, such persons will be awarded three years’ imprisonment and will have to pay a fine of up to Rs 10,000 or be awarded both," a government release said.

"There would be a complete ban on slaughter of cows and bovine animals in the state. No person could keep beef in his possession. Any cow slaughter related crime would be cognizable and non-bailable."

On Tuesday, the state cabinet had endorsed the Gau Vadh Pratishedh Adhyadesh (Madhya Pradesh Cow Slaughter Ban Ordinance) to bring a total ban on slaughter of cows, including the diseased and aged ones.

In January last year, cow slaughter became a national issue after communal tension in Ganjbasoda in Vidisha district, 80 km from here, over an incident of alleged cow slaughter.

Uma Bharti said the government would strengthen institutions engaged in the welfare of cows. The government said steps would be taken to remove hurdles in implementation of the Ordinance and rehabilitate the affected people.

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