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"OBC decision delay will hit generations"

Saturday 19 May 2007

It is not just a one year loss: MP

Says OBCs should not be made to wait any further `Erosion of faith in Constitutional set-up will be catastrophic’

NEW DELHI: Any delay in deciding on 27 per cent reservation for the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in elite institutions of higher education will deprive them of the opportunity provided by the 93rd Constitution Amendment and the subsequent Central law on quotas, Lok Sabha member N.Y. Hanumanthappa said on Friday.

Cascading effects

In a statement here, Justice (retd) Hanumanthappa said it was not just loss of one year for youth from the deprived sections; the cascading effects of this delay in delivering social justice would adversely impact generations to come.

"Having waited patiently for 56 long years, the least that the OBCs can expect from the constitutional scheme is that they would not have to wait any further. Our institutions — the executive, thejudiciary or the legislature — are expected to do whatever is necessary, so that the faith of the poor and the deprived in the constitutional scheme is never eroded.

Erosion of faith

"Any such erosion would be catastrophic: we are already experiencing the symptoms of erosion of faith in institutions and processes in several parts of the country. The present impasse and the legal challenges may take — and should necessarily take — as much time as is reasonably required to satisfy all litigants; but whatever needs to be done must be done bearing in mind the urgency, the balance of convenience and the larger public interest with regard to a national policy endorsed unanimously by Parliament."

See online : The Hindu

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