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About this site

Saturday 20 December 2003, by VERNIERS*Gilles

This website contains numerous articles essentially on India, South Asia in general and related subjects. You will also find several book and article reviews and summaries, and bibliographical references.

This website focuses more particularly on the political and social aspects of contemporary India and was conceived as a tool for organizing and sharing useful data and information for those interested in these areas. As such, it is a completely non-commercial, non-profit inititative.

Please note that the articles and contributions featured in this website do not necessarily reflect the administrator’s personal views and opinions on the issues raised, the raison d’?tre of this website being to provide elements for critical analysis on a wide range of topics.

Thus, contributions from like-minded persons are welcome.

How to find an article

The homepage features the most recent articles.

A search engine (on the right) helps search a specific word contained in a text.

Apart from a classification by chronology, theme and author, a system of key words (top right) sorts entries under more specific headings and gives access to cross-indexed articles.

How to contribute

If you wish to contribute, please send an e-mail with a brief profile of yourself (occupation, areas of interest, institutional affiliation, etc.). You will receive a user login code which allows you to submit an article which will be considered for online publication.

Do read the contributor’s guide once logged in.

SPIP accepts multilingualism. Therefore, contributions are not limited to English.

Copyright & copyleft

If you are the author and/or editor of one or more articles published on this website and if you do not want them to appear here, please let me know; they will be removed at the earliest.


Visitors may comment on any article or react to previous comments. Do not hesitate to take this opportunity to make yourself heard.

The administrator reserves the right to remove any comments deemed to be racist, casteist, communal, derogatory or discriminatory towards individuals and/or specific groups.

Finally, comments/suggestions/criticisms expressed about this website are welcome and may be sent to the following address : india(at)

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