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Monarchy abolition bill cleared

Wednesday 11 April 2007, by DHAKAL*Ameet

Nepal’s Maoists apply for status of political party

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s Government on Tuesday approved the second amendment Bill in the Interim Constitution providing powers to the Interim Legislature to abolish the monarchy.

The Government also registered the Bill in the legislature.

The bill gives sweeping powers to the legislature to abolish monarchy by a two-thirds majority if the king were found meddling with the Constituent Assembly polls.

The bill was tabled in Parliament as per the understanding reached among the eight parties before the formation of the interim government on April 1.

It also put a rein on the Prime Minister by proposing that the legislature can oust the Premier by two-thirds majority. Earlier there was no provision in the interim constitution to challenge the Prime Minister.

Another important amendment is that one-fourth of the lawmakers can summon the meeting of the Interim Legislature.

PTI reports:

Maoists applied for the status of a political party ahead of crucial elections slated for later this year. ``We have submitted our application for recognition as a political party at the Election Commission. Our party’s official name will be Communist Party of Nepal (Maoists)’’ Maoist second-in-command Baburam Bhattarai told reporters.

The party’s official symbol will be a sickle and a hammer.

The former rebels joined the Government earlier this month — taking five ministerial posts in the 22-member Cabinet — after striking a peace deal late last year.

The Maoist ministers will not keep private property and will maintain an austere lifestyle as per a new 14-point code of conduct announced here by the party.

The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoists) announced the ``code of conduct and commitments’’ for its Ministers.

As per the guidelines, the Maoists’ central members will not have any private property, said Minister for Information and Communication Krishna Bahadur Mahara.``They have already handed over their property to the party six years ago and now they will formally hand it over very soon,’’ he said.

Their code of ethics includes leading a simple life, giving priority to public interest rather than private and maintaining austerity, including shunning unjustifiable and expensive foreign junkets.

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