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Riot victims to get immediate compensation

Friday 29 December 2006

NEW DELHI: "Victims of communal riots and families of those killed in such incidents will get immediate compensation under a law awaiting Parliamentary approval," Home Minister Shivraj Patil said on Thursday.

Under the existing criminal justice system, those found guilty of communal riots were punished "but what about victims who may have lost a limb or otherwise are incapacitated or the families of those who were killed in communal flare- ups," he asked.

"The legislation on communal harmony, referred to the Parliamentary Standing Committee, has provided for payment of immediate compensation to the victims, irrespective of whether those responsible for the riots have been punished," Mr. Patil said while addressing a Dalit and Minorities international conference here organised by Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan.

The Minister said a dead or injured person or a victim whose property had been burnt or damaged in communal riots - these could be ascertained instantly. Hence, monetary assistance could reach them promptly.

Double the punishment

In the measure, the Government has proposed that those indulging in communal disturbances should face double the punishment stipulated in the existing legal provisions.

Central and State officials who were found wanting in the discharge of their duties in such situations would also suffer the consequences, Mr. Patil said.

The measure also provides for setting up of special courts for expediting hearing of such cases and a special investigation team to carry out the task. - PTI

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