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Do not sign deal hastily: scientists

Monday 18 December 2006

Mumbai: A group of scientists on Sunday said that India should not sign the nuclear deal with the U.S. in a hurry till the concerns of the country’s top nuclear scientists were addressed.

Since the public at large does not understand the nuances of the final U.S. Congress bill, which would be imposed on India once the deal goes through, it was in the interest of the future generations to work towards making the deal favourable to India, members of the Atomic Energy Retirees’ Welfare Association (AERWA) said.

They had a two-hour discussion with the former Atomic Energy Commission chairman, P.K. Iyengar, on Sunday on the occasion of `Pensioners Day.’

"Bill discriminatory"

Studying the final bill was important while dealing with its discriminatory nature, they said.

Mr. Iyengar said: "Let us not accept the discriminatory process as we succeeded during the past 50 years. If we accept the deal by giving into their [U.S.] conditions, then it is not in India’s favour. In fact, we will do a disservice to our future generations and to their freedom for research and development." - PTI

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