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Prince of Congress is willing

Monday 4 December 2006, by DUGH*Harish

Rahul Gandhi’s coronation in the Congress Party is now final. Before leaving for Hong Kong, he is reported to have given the go-ahead to the long-pending proposal that he should step into the shoes of his late father Rajiv Gandhi.

Rahul will become the general secretary in charge of one of the frontal organisations like the Youth Congress, Mahila Congress, Seva Dal, NSUI etc. While one suggestion is that he should be inducted on December 9, the birthday of Congress president Sonia Gandhi and a Saturday, some astrologers are making their own suggestions about an auspicious date. The final decision will be known this week after his return from Amethi. Some senior Congress leaders are nervous about Rahul’s induction since they feel that Rahul is somewhat a no-nonsense person and also meticulous. A list of new and young faces is also being prepared, so that they can assist Rahul in various capacities. The final touches are being given to the post-Rahul induction plan aimed at rejuvenating the party.

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