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Change attitude towards Muslims: Shia Board

Monday 6 November 2006

Special Correspondent

LUCKNOW: The All India Shia Personal Law Board on Sunday alleged that the Government was discriminating against Muslims and urged it to change its attitude.

The president of the board, Maulana Mirza Mohammad Athar, told newspersons that a `false impression’ was being created that Muslims were anti-nationals and terrorists.

He demanded representation for Muslims in government service in accordance with their population and regretted that there was no effort in this direction.

The minority community was restless and measures should be taken to end their dissatisfaction.

The Maulana said the board took strong exception to the `discrimination’ against the community.

He said the issue would be discussed in the second annual session of the board at Mumbai on November 26.

He said the model nikah-nama prepared by the Board gave women now the right to divorce their husband. The law had been approved by Hakim-i-Shara, Ayatollah Sistani of Iraq and legal experts.

It would be presented before delegates at the Mumbai session.

The Maulana said the board would formulate a national policy for Shias laying stress on their commitment to their religion and loyalty to the country.

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