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My motto not to rule but serve the State: Nitish

Wednesday 16 August 2006, by BALCHAND*K.

PATNA: Promising to develop Bihar by 2015, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday asserted that his motto was not to rule but serve the State.

Mr. Kumar hoisted the national flag on the occasion of Independence Day at the Gandhi Maidan for the first time after taking over as Chief Minister nine months ago. In his speech, he promised not to discriminate against any section and maintain social and communal harmony.

Mr. Kumar reiterated his attack against corruption and bribery that thwarted development of the State and promised to uplift of those living below the poverty line. He intended to give more teeth to the Vigilance Bureau in a bid to eliminate all those who siphoned off funds meant for the poor.

The State Government would be appointing retired personnel of the CBI to crack down on parasites gnawing into funds meant for beneficiaries below the poverty line, he said. Referring to the prevailing drought-like situation, Mr. Kumar announced a subsidy to farmers on purchase of diesel for irrigating their fields. He promised to make available jobs to all categories of youth for ushering in the State’s development.

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