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Bid to show only Muslims died

Sunday 14 May 2006

Lucknow: "They dragged my son Triloki out of the house and stabbed him to death. Then they ignored the ’Om’ tattoo on his hand, declared he was a Muslim and buried him".

"To substantiate their claim, they even circumcised him. All this was done because the officials wanted to prove that only Muslims had been killed in last month’s Aligarh riots".

"One man even tried to claim my son’s body so that he could get the compensation"; said Devki Nandan Kori, a BJP MLA.

As Kori wept bitterly in the assembly on Friday, the BJP raised a feeble demand for a CBI inquiry into the role of some officials during Aligarh riots.

The Mulayam Singh Government remained unmoved and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mohammad Azam Khan told the state assembly, "Though I do not want to offend your sentiments, but it was God’s intervention that the boy was buried. His body could later be exhumed and handed over to the father. What if he had been cremated?";

Senior BJP leader Hukum Singh said that though the post mortem report mentions that the MLA’s son’s hand bears an ’Om’ tattoo, the body was buried.

"The role of the Inspector General of Police Kanpur zone in the Aligarh riots is suspicious and why was no action taken against one Banney Khan who made a futile attempt to claim the compensation for the boy’s death?"; he asked.

The Congress and the BSP supported the demand for a CBI probe and the Congress even staged a walkout in the House.

Senior BJP leader Kesri Nath Tripathi finally lost his patience and accused the government of indulging in minority appeasement. "If a Hindu is killed in Mau riots he gets Rs 100,000 as compensation but if a Muslim is killed in Aligarh, he gets Rs 500,000 as compensation. If this is not minority appeasement, then what is it?"; he questioned.

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