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V.P. Singh’s move gives impetus to Third Front

Sunday 30 April 2006, by MEHDUDIA*Sujay

NEW DELHI: The decision of former Prime Minister V.P. Singh to float a new political party called Jan Morcha has given impetus to the talk of a third force emerging once again in Delhi especially in the light of the failure of the Congress and BJP to perform according to public expectations. The Morcha has made it clear that Delhi would be one of its focus States.

It is understood that some of the Third Front supporters have held talks with Mr. Singh and the Jan Morcha president Raj Babbar. Even former Chief Minister Madan Lal Khurana met Mr. Singh on Thursday and sought his cooperation in providing an alternative in Delhi. However, not many are enthused by Mr. Khurana’s initiative particularly because of his assertion that he would be meeting Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav very shortly and his continued association with expelled BJP leader Uma Bharti.

The brain behind this initiative, Nationalist Congress Party MLA Ramvir Singh Bidhuri, is excited about the whole idea of joining hands with Mr. Singh. Both Mr. Bidhuri and Janata Dal (S) Delhi unit president and Assembly Deputy Speaker Shoaib Iqbal have held two rounds of discussions with the former Prime Minister on what shape the whole new outfit will take in the coming days. "We will join hands with Jan Morcha to build a new third force in Delhi. People are fed up with the Congress and the BJP as they have failed to live up to their expectations. Till now Mr. Singh was fighting from a non-political platform for the poor and down trodden but now he has come out openly with a political outfit leading the way for a third alternative,’’ Mr. Bidhuri said.

On the issue of taking Mr. Khurana along, Mr. Bidhuri said he had met the veteran leader and had conveyed to him in no uncertain terms that he was welcome to the Third Front but only after he denounces the communal forces.

Taking exception to Mr. Khurana attending the political rally of Ms. Bharti, the NCP legislator said that this was not acceptable. "We have to maintain our secular credentials and the BJP and Sangh Parivar’s ideology does not suit us. We will be unable to take Mr. Khurana along with us if he continues to have any association with such forces or individuals who are part of this thought process.’’ Apart from Mr. Singh, a number of other secular parties have purportedly sounded their active participation in this new venture.

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