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Kozhikode shows less than one percentage point dip in turnout

Tuesday 2 May 2006, by BABLU*J.S.

Some constituencies record higher voting per cent than in 2001

In 9 constituencies out of 12 in Kozhikode, the percentage has gone down Kozhikode I witnessed the lowest turnout in the district (67.76 pc) Wayanad shows a decline of 11 percentage points

KOZHIKODE: The voter turnout of 75.22 per cent this time shows that there is a dip of less than one percentage point in polling when compared to the 2001 Assembly elections (76 per cent). Over 14.6 lakh voters exercised their franchise in the district this time. The total electorate comes to 19.46 lakhs in the district.

However, some of the constituencies recorded higher voting per cent than in 2001. In Thiruvambadi Assembly constituency, where LDF has put up Mathai Chacko of the CPI(M) in a bid to wrest the seat from UDF candidate M.C. Mayin Haji, the poll per cent was higher than in the last elections. These elections, the constituency clocked 76.17 per cent as against 68 per cent recorded in 2001 election - an increase of eight percentage points.

Vadakara, the LDF citadel, showed over one percentage point increase in voting this Assembly election - 74.67 per cent as against 73.57 per cent in 2001.

Kunnamangalam, where sitting MLA U.C. Raman of the IUML is pitted against CPI(M) veteran C.P. Balan Vaidyar, showed a slight increase of 0.07 percentage points - from 77.75 per cent in 2001 to 77.82 per cent in 2006.

In nine constituencies out of twelve, the poll percentage went down. Though Meppayur, where CPI(M) candidates have been winning hands down, recorded the highest voter turnout in the district, the percentage was lower than last time. It was 82.26 per cent this time as against the previous 82.79 per cent.

Perambra with the second highest poll per cent in the district also showed a dip. It was 80.47 per cent in 2006, as against 81.87 last time.

In Koduvally, it is a high-profile battle due to the presence of K. Muraleedharan. The Democratic Indira Congress-Karunakaran (DIC-K) State president is pitted against LDF independent P.T.A. Rahim. Koduvally clocked the third highest voting per cent in the district.

Still the per cent was slightly lower than last time - 78.55 as against 78.86. Nadapuram, from where CPI candidates have won eight times in the past, recorded 75.49 per cent - down more than 3 percentage points from 79.09 per cent recorded last time.

The poll per cent there can undergo a change as Election Commission has ordered a re-poll in booth number-144 in Kakkomvelli LP School in the constituency on May 2.

Kozhikode I, witnessed the lowest voter turn out this time - 67.76. This was lower than the poll per cent in 2001 - 70.2 per cent. Kozhikode II also saw a dip in poll per cent. It was 67.78 per cent as against 69.54 per cent last time.

In Koilandi constituency, where former Health Minister, P.Sankaran of the DICK is fighting a tough battle against P. Viswam of the CPI(M), the poll per cent fell considerably. Only 73.62 per cent of voters turned out as against 78.16 per cent in 2001.

The Beypore constituency, where LDF candidates have been winning, recorded 71.74 per cent as against 74.9 per cent last time. Balusserry also saw fall in poll per cent from 77.28 in 2001 elections to 74.77 per cent this time.


The poll per cent in Wayanad showed a sharp decline of 11 percentage points in 2006 when compared to 2001 Assembly elections. Though Kalpetta recorded the highest turn out in this hilly district this time - 72.22, it was markedly lesser than the 80.97 per cent recorded in 2001.

Similarly, in Sulthan Bathery, there was a sharp decline of 12 percentage points - from 80.66 per cent in 2001 to 68.57 per cent in 2006.

The North Wayanad constituency which recorded the highest in 2001 elections - 83.3 per cent, fell by nearly 13 per cent to register just 70.34 per cent, the second highest turn out in three constituencies in the district this time.

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