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Left a crucial force in national politics: Balanandan

Tuesday 2 May 2006

Staff Reporter

Says Left struggles will benefit the marginalised

KOTTAYAM: Senior CITU leader E. Balanandan has cautioned against "those holding the Left flag and implementing the policies of the Right". Addressing a rally organised at Pampady near here on Monday in connection with the May Day celebrations, Mr. Balanandan said the Left was gaining in strength globally in spite of the tough moves from the rightist forces.

In addition to the Right and the Left there were those who hold the flag of the Left and implement policies of the Right. "The need of the hour is political clarity and revolutionary vigilance," he said. The Left had now become a crucial force in national politics and the present effort on the part of the Left parties was the struggle to gain strength through alliances of the working class and mass movements so that marginalised sections like women, rural people, unemployed youth etc could benefit, he said.

Referring to the Left support for the UPA government at the Centre, the CITU leader said the Left parties had extended support to the UPA so that the BJP could be kept away from power and a secular administration could be put in place.

The support was based on the common minimum programme aimed at ensuring the welfare of the labour class. One of the biggest success of this relationship was the acceptance of employment guarantee programme though not to the full extend as the Left had demanded, he said.

However, the Manmohan Singh government was moving away from the CMP on many occasions, he said.

However, political situation in the country had changed so much so that the bourgeoisie could no longer hold on to power without the support from the Left, he said.

Mr. Balanandan pointed to the prevailing situation in the plantation sector in the State and hoped once the LDF comes to power in Kerala at the conclusion of the ongoing elections, they would take necessary steps to alleviate the problems of the plantation labour.

The CITU leader said developments in Latin America, European countries including France and Italy and even industrialised nations like Japan showed that the labour class was joining hands with mass movements, including student movements, in the fight against globalisation making it clear that there was an alternative to the neo-liberal propaganda to the contrary.

Earlier, an impressive rally led by CITU district secretary V.N. Vasavan was taken to Central Junction. Traditional art forms added colour to the rally.

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