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Raj Babbar sees a `pattern’ in U.P. riots

Friday 24 March 2006

Special Correspondent

`SP, BJP in are in league to get support of both the hunters and hunted’

JAIPUR: Film actor and Member of Parliament Raj Babbar has alleged a "pattern" in the recent communal clashes and bomb blasts in Uttar Pradesh towns. "The Samajwadi Party has been cosying up to the Bharatiya Janata Party and both the parties are into a game plan to get the support of both the hunters and the hunted," he has charged.

"The equal number of casualties in riots in Mau and later in Lucknow is baffling. Even in the case of the investigations into the blasts in Varanasi, the U.P. Government’s findings are seemingly pre-determined," Mr. Babbar, who was expelled from the Samajwadi Party recently, said talking to media persons here on Tuesday.

"In the Mau riots, out of the total of 10 persons killed five are from one community and the rest from another. In the Lucknow riots later, two persons from one community and another two from the other got killed. The coincidence is mind-boggling," Mr. Babbar noted.

"After the blasts in Varanasi, the BJP finds fault with the Congress-led Government at the Centre while the U.P. Government is spared. Mr. Yadav himself gave a statement on the alleged person responsible for the blasts as the latter catches a train to leave the City," Mr. Babbar pointed out.

Citing another instance of Mr. Singh — to whom Mr. Babbar referred as "Maharajadhiraj Mulayam" — preparing the ground for an alliance between SP and BJP, Mr. Babbar said the Israeli envoy had remained in Lucknow for a week last month. "He did not visit the Agri-Expo, the said excuse for the visit, even once but visited the residence of the Chief Minister. They spent a few hours together," Mr. Babbar noted. "One has enough indications on what Mulayam Singh Yadav is up to."

Mr. Babbar, who insisted he was still not opposed to Mr. Yadav but to the "broker culture" in the Samajwadi Party, said the party was left with the sole motto of making money. "On my part, I don’t want any money," he said.

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