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Remove names of absconders: EC fiat to Bihar

Saturday 6 August 2005, by VENKATESAN*J.

NEW DELHI: In a significant decision to prevent criminals from contesting the Bihar Assembly poll, the Election Commission has decided to delete the names of all those persons against whom non-bailable warrants (NBWs) could not be executed for more than six months.

In June, it had directed the Bihar administration to execute over 23,000 pending NBWs and send a report. The information received from the State indicated that progress had been tardy. Fresh instructions were then issued.

Since the Assembly poll is to be held soon, the Commission on Friday asked the Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) to delete the names of those against whom the NBWs were pending on the ground that they were not residing at their given addresses.

The Commission said: "The non-execution of an NBW implies that the person, against whom that NBW has been issued, is not available at the address given in that warrant and that the police authorities and the court agencies have not been able to contact that person for execution of that warrant. If an NBW remains unexecuted for quite a long period, the presumption is that the person concerned was not available at his given address despite repeated visits of the agencies entrusted with the task of execution of those warrants."

The Commission asked the State Government to furnish to the Chief Electoral Officer, Bihar, by August 19 a complete list of the persons against whom the NBWs had remained unexecuted and their residential addresses. The EROs concerned would take steps to delete their names from the rolls.

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