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UPA still not adhering to CMP, complains Left

Friday 5 August 2005

New Delhi, Aug. 5 (PTI): Left parties today complained that the Government has not been adhering to the ’letter and spirit’ of Common Minimum Programme and alleged that "power centres" were "conniving" with foreign companies to bypass the rights of workers.

CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Sitaram Yechury MP, CPI National Secretary D Raja, and AITUC leader Amarjit Kaur, participating in a discussion ’Post-mortem: Gurgaon,’ organised by the ’Delhi Union of Journalists’, expressed their opposition to the Government’s alleged "insensitiveness" to the workers’ right by bypassing promises made in the CMP.

Yechury said global companies followed contract employment system and in order to safeguard the interest of workers, the CMP categorically committed itself against ’hire and fire policy.’ "But it is not enforced here," he added.

He said the CMP focused on economic reforms as a means to people welfare while "in practice, it has turned to be helpful in increasing the profit of capitalists only. No common man benefited. The direction of reforms should be aimed at common man."

Asking the Government to be strict in enforcing the law of the land, Raja said the multinationals, including Honda, were violating the constitutional right of workers to organise themselves.

"In the name of attracting FDI, there is an attempt to curtail the rights of workers which was constitutionally guaranteed," he said.

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