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Indo-US defence pact will disturb power balance: Kasuri

Saturday 2 July 2005

Islamabad, July 2. (PTI): Pakistan has said the new defence pact between India and US would introduce new weapons systems, disturbing balance of power in the region and leading to an arms race.

The ten-year defence agreement would "introduce a new weapon system which will disturb the balance of power in South Asia and lead to an arms race in the region", Pakistan Foreign Minister, Khurishid M Kasuri said yesterday.

Kasuri was apparently referring to the prospects of India acquiring Patriot missile defence system from US in his remarks in Dubai while returning from the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) Foreign Ministers meet in Sana, Yamen.

Expressing concern over the agreement signed by Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee and US Defence Secretary Donal Rumsfeld two days ago, Kasuri said Pakistan will do its best to maintain balance and deterrence to ensure stability and peace in the region, official APP news agency reported.

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