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Fernandes worried over future of NDA

Sunday 26 June 2005

NEW DELHI: Perturbed over the developments within BJP in the wake of the Jinnah controversy, NDA convener George Fernandes on Saturday said he was worried about the future of the opposition alliance. ".... Now we are seeing that issues are developing within the largest party of the NDA. This makes me worry about the future of the NDA,’’ he told NDTV when asked about the Jinnah controversy and BJP leader Yashwant Sinha’s criticism of the Jharkhand Chief Minister. Asked if he had spoken to anyone in the BJP about this, Mr. Fernandes said, ``whom should I speak to? Everybody is attacking Advani and I do not wish to disturb Atalji [former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.]’’

``In politics, this is common. What is said in the morning is forgotten by evening and something else is then said. I am not worried about that... But whatever is happening should not be so,’’ Mr. Fernandes said.

In an interview to the Organiser, Mr. Fernandes charged the Congress with bringing the country to the brink of disaster, a situation where democracy was under threat.

Describing UPA’s one year’s rule as a "total breach of promise," he said ``Sonia Gandhi’s emergence as an unconstitutional power centre is going to destroy the democratic polity of the country.’’

"We should use every means at our disposal to mobilise people against it,’’ he said. ``Sonia is not a constitutional authority at all and it is eternal shame for the Congress as it has brought the country to this kind of a situation.’’ - PTI, UNI

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