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BJP warns Yashwant Sinha

Saturday 25 June 2005

Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI: The Bharatiya Janata Party has warned its leader and former External Affairs Minister, Yashwant Sinha, that he is free to air his grievances at party forums, not in the media.

The stern message was conveyed to him by party general secretary and "prabhari’ (in-charge) of Jharkhand affairs, Rajnath Singh, as well as the general secretary, Arun Jaitley. Both spoke to him after discussing with the party president, L.K. Advani, Mr. Sinha’s televised comment on the BJP-led Jharkhand Government, describing it as "inefficient, wasteful of precious financial resources and corrupt."

In a short interview to Zee News telecast on Thursday, Mr. Sinha said he did not think that the Arjun Munda Government was responsive to people’s problems and that six letters written by him to the Jharkhand Chief Minister were not acknowledged.

The State Government, he said, was spending money lavishly on buying luxury cars and air-conditioners for its Ministers while paying scant attention to the fact that ordinary people did not even have water and electricity.

Mr. Munda retorted, also on television, that if he had not answered Mr. Sinha’s letters it did not mean that his Government was not working.

Mr. Jaitley told reporters on Friday that Mr. Sinha has been "advised" to raise issues only at party forums, and he was sure that he would abide by that.

Apparently, Mr. Jaitley also asked him if was thinking of leaving the BJP, a question to which Mr. Sinha is believed to have responded that "the question does not arise."

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