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Mind your own business, BJP tells Sangh Parivar-

Wednesday 15 June 2005

CHENNAI: The BJP on Wednesday rejected the VHP’s demand that L K Advani should quit politics and asked the Sangh Parivar outfit to "mind its own business."

"The BJP decides who should be its President and the VHP need not take any pains in this regard. We are a democratic and nationalist political party. We are capable of conducting our affairs," BJP Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu told reporters here. "VHP’s suggestions or demands are not acceptable to us," he said.

Naidu said Advani’s contribution to the cause of Hinduism and nationalism was unparalled and he represented the best values in public life. BJP had benefitted immensely from his leadership, he said.

"Advani was the man who set an agenda for a debate on the true meaning of secularism by tearing apart pseudo secular policies practiced by the parties with an eye on vote bank," he said.

Advani had agreed to take back his resignation from the presidentship of the party only at the request of the entire partymen and hence there was no question of Advani accepting the VHP’s demand, Naidu said.

Alleging that Advani’s remark that Pakistan founder Mohammed Ali Jinnah was a secular man had been ’twisted’ by the media, Naidu said Advani had only reproduced what Jinnah had told the Pakistan constituent assembly, only to create a public debate on the issue in that country.

There was no need for any debate on the issue as the BJP had a detailed discussion and issued a statement after the party’s parliamentary board meeting, he said. "It is a closed chapter now and there is no need to reopen it," Naidu said.

He denied that Advani described Jinnah as secular. BJP’s views were reflected in the resolution adopted at the parliamentary board meeting, he said. BJP was clear that Jinnah founded a theocratic state (Pakistan) and it was even now a non-secular state. The party also never accepted the two nation theory championed by Jinnah, he said.

Rebuking the Congress party’s comments that Advani’s resignation was a ’great Indian tamasha’, Venkaiah Naidu said the Congress which had suffered many splits in the past, should not forget the history.

The Congress had faced many ’crises’ like the one the BJP had faced last week, he said.

Many political parties, including the DMK in Tamil Nadu, had faced crises and they should not forget those, he said while commenting on DMK Chief M Karunanidhi’s remarks that the entire the Advani resignation episode was a ’comedy drama’.

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