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Play positive role in dealing with "a siege within," Kalam tells Governors

Wednesday 15 June 2005

"Long-term remedy rests on our ability to usher in good governance while respecting local sentiments"

NEW DELHI: Applauding the security forces for defeating subversive elements, President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam on Tuesday asked Governors to "to play a positive role by their touch of sympathy, compassion-driven civic actions and imaginative handling of the situation."

Inaugurating the biennial conference of Governors here, he referred to "a siege within" and talked of "covert intervention by hostile elements from across the border" that posed "a grave threat to our national security and integrity."

"The long-term remedy rests on our ability to usher in good governance and rapid economic development with a strong mechanism for equity and justice built into it while respecting local sentiments."

Mr. Kalam wanted the Governors in their role as Chancellors to become a source of wisdom "without meddling in the day-to-day administration." He drew attention to the role they could play in nation building.

Post-retirement package

The President acknowledged indirectly the demand by former Governors for a post-retirement package. "It is essential for the Governors and the Central Government to come forward and hedge their post-retirement life."

Madhya Pradesh Governor Balram Jakhar said, "in order to ensure that the Governors live a reasonably dignified life after retirement, it would be in the fitness of things that certain basic facilities such as a reasonable pension, medical and travel facilities are provided."

Punjab Governor Gen. (retd.) S.F. Rodriques drew attention to "the increasing number of inter-State disputes" and cautioned against "a perceived notion that justice may not be done through the existing dispute redress systems."

There was need for "an alternative redress-cum-negotiation system that is dynamic and apolitical."

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