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BC and Minorities corporation to grant loans

Friday 27 May 2005

Staff Reporter

Training in computer hardware and software for students

PONDICHERRY: The new non-official Chairman of Pondicherry Backward Classes and Minorities Development Corporation, N. Damodarane has announced that the corporation would provide educational loans to 30 students belonging to Backward classes or Minorities Development in this academic year to pursue professional education.

Mr.Damodarane said that last year 15 students were provided assistance to do professional courses. Now the number of beneficiaries was raised to 30 and each of them would be extended Rs.. 75,000 as loan. The number of beneficiaries would now be 30 as there was a demand for the loan from the BCs and other sections. These students should have been sponsored by Centralised Admission Committee (CENTAC) of the government for selection of students to medicine, engineering, dental and other professional courses in the Union Territory.

The National Backward Classes Development Corporation had sanctioned a loan of Rs 50 lakhs this year for the Pondicherry Corporation while Rs 10 lakhs had been available from the Minorities Corporation separately.

He said that 150 students would be trained in hardware and software aspects of computer and they would be extended financial assistance to the extent of ninety percent of the total tuition fees while the beneficiaries should bear the remaining ten percent of the fee structure.

The chairman said that the corporation would cover a total of 1,000 persons (against 647 beneficiaries last year) under its loan cum subsidy scheme to enable them to carry on petty business.

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