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BJP demands recall of Bihar Governor, sacking of Lalu

Friday 27 May 2005

Shillong, May. 27 (PTI): The Meghalaya unit of the BJP today accused the UPA Government of committing "murder of democracy" by recommending dissolution of the Bihar Assembly and demanded the recall of Governor Buta Singh.

The UPA Government has committed "murder of democracy in Bihar" by recommending dissolution of the State Assembly, the BJP said and urged President A P J Abdul Kalam, to recall the Bihar Governor.

"The Bihar Governor by his action (in the episode) has brought disgrace to the high office," the party said in a statement issued by Secretary Dipayan Chakraborty.

The party condemned the UPA Government’s "fascist mentality" by trying to "prevent others from forming a Government in Goa and Jharkhand".

It also urged the President to dismiss Railway Minister Lalu Prasad, for his recent criticism of an Election Commissioner in public which, according to the party, was in "bad taste" and in "gross violation" of the oath taken by the Minister.

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