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Centre may adopt direct recruitment process

Sunday 8 May 2005, by NAIR*Rajesh

CBI facing shortage of quality manpower The CBI is "overburdened," especially after the High Courts started referring more cases to it

PONDICHERRY: The Centre is planning to increase manpower in the Central Bureau of Investigation through a direct recruitment process and reduce the number of officers joining on deputation, U.S. Misra, Director, CBI, said here on Saturday.

"The CBI is facing a shortage of good manpower. Fifty per cent of manpower is through deputation and often we don’t get quality hands," he told The Hindu in an informal chat during a private visit to Pondicherry. "However, the number of people joining CBI on deputation from other agencies cannot be totally discouraged as the agency needs officers who have knowledge on varied subjects."

A balance needs to be struck. Offering more incentives is one way of getting good hands on deputation and the Government is also considering this option, he said.

At present, the CBI is "overburdened" with lots of cases, especially after the High Courts started referring more cases. In this respect, the Kerala High Court tops the list. Every week, on an average, it refers one or two cases to the investigating agency.

"As far as the Kerala High Court is considered we have to keep the court posted periodically about the progress of the case. This needs a large amount of work and manpower," Mr. Misra said.

An amendment to the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act is also being contemplated by the Centre to vest the CBI with powers to take up cases within the jurisdiction of the State Governments. The amendment will give powers in dealing with cases that have inter-State and international ramifications.

Emphasis would be on training officials to deal with cyber crimes and economic offences. "Recent trends in economic offences show that a mere click of the mouse would destabilise international economy. In dealing with such crimes, our personnel need more training," he said.

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