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A murder every couple of hours in Bihar!

Friday 15 April 2005

Patna: A murder almost every two hours, a riot in an hour and eight kidnappings and three rapes a day. The crime scenario is truly alarming even by Bihar standards in 2004.

Of the 1,15,216 cognizable offences recorded between January and December, 2004, there were 3861 cases of murder, 1297 dacoities, 9199 riots, 2977 kidnappings, including 411 kidnappings for ransom, 1063 rapes, 2162 robberies on the road and dacoities and 57 cases of bank dacoities and robberies, an official report said.

Notwithstanding the daunting task faced by the law enforcing machinery, the police-public ratio is 0.65 per 1000 people, meaning there was not even one policeman per thousand population and only 6.5 policemen for a population of every 10,000 - one of the lowest in the country, state police headquarters sources said.

They said the figures compiled by the police department may not present the full picture as many cases go unrecorded with victims not reporting all cases to the police.

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According to available data, there were 9.74 policemen per 10,000 people in West Bengal, 10.38 in Orissa, 10.56 in Uttar Pradesh, 12.16 in Madhya Pradesh and 13.59 in Rajasthan.

In respect of their deployment per 100 square km, Delhi accounted for 3550, Punjab 13.6, Tripura 120.9, Assam 67 while the corresponding figure for Bihar is 54.6 only.

The state police had recently submitted before the Patna High Court that approximately 20,000 individuals, including politicians, present and former bureaucrats and people from other walks of life were granted houseguards or bodyguards or both.

In the given circumstances, at least 20,000 personnel of the force, if not more, were engaged in providing security to individuals and the force has to do with whatever is left for policing and investigation.

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