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Gandhi’s ideals relevant even today: Manmohan

Thursday 14 April 2005

New Delhi, April 14 (PTI): Paying rich tributes to the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said his ideals of non-violence and ’satyagraha’ were being rediscovered again and were relevant in the current "highly troubled world".

He noted that the practice of values of peace and brotherhood preached by Gandhi was gaining ground across the world and said countries like Germany, Japan, the US and Palestine were in the forefront in highlighting such message.

"The Mahatma has a unique place in the world," Singh said while inaugurating a multi-media exhibition ’Eternal Gandhi’ at Gandhi Smriti, the abode of ’Bapu’ where he fell to the assassin’s bullets on January 30, 1948.

Pointing out that Gandhi had discovered truth about non-violence and satyagraha then, the Prime Minister said these ideals are being rediscovered again and again.

In this context, he said that in Palestine, the entire Cabinet was recently shown Richard Attenborough’s movie ’Gandhi’ to infuse inspiration among them with regard to peace and non-violence.

Singh said the values of peace and brother are relevant in today’s "highly troubled world".

"Wherever there is struggle for freedom, life and peace, self respect and dignity, these messages of Gandhi will continue to resonate for ages," he said.

"Many generations across many countries, across many civilizations have come to rever life and works of the Mahatma," Singh said, adding organising of such exhibitions on ’Bapu’ will help keep his memories alive.

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