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Small S-E Asian nations offer all they can

Monday 10 January 2005, by VED*Mahendra

NEW DELHI: India’s 15-year-old look-east diplomacy is tugging the heart strings in what was once, culturally, part of our own Bharat. The country is gratefully receiving aid for the victims of the tsunami disaster from small South-East Asian nations, despite its no-thanks stance when it comes to the big donors.

Away from media and diplomatic hype, nations with modest economic sizes, like Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam want to help India.

And since there seem to be no strings attached, South Block is finding out ways of funnelling aid from these and some other small South-East Asian nations.

"We know they cannot do much. But we want to respect their sentiments," said an official. The official said this was being done "quietly" so as not to upset others who want to either give or receive help. In the latter category is Thailand. India has mounted high-seas operations with Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Indonesia. Thailand too was struck by tsunami, but does not appear to have attracted the required international attention and sympathy.

Sources said it was Delhi which took the initiative. It is not surprising since Prime Minister was in Bangkok for the BIMSTEC summit. Thailand responded by holding the extended Indian hand and listed some of the items it badly requires to help those marooned by the tidal wave.

New Delhi has earmarked a $500,000 to rush drinking water, generators and medicines.

India has also offered to associate Thailand with disaster forecasting technology, what it now has and what it plans to acquire in future, the official said.

See online : Times of India

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