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Enter child trafficking

Thursday 6 January 2005

GENEVA: The United Nations has said it was concerned children orphaned or separated from their parents by Asia’s tsunami may be falling prey to criminal gangs bent on selling them into slavery.

The UN said it had received reports of adults posing as foster parents and children being shipped from Indonesia to Malaysia for sale, adding to worries about a “tsunami generation” of children also under threat of disease and hunger.

UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) officers were alarmed when a colleague in Kuala Lumpur received an unsolicited mobile phone text message offering children to order, UNICEF spokesman John Budd said by telephone from Ja-karta.

Three hundred orphans aged 3-10 years from Aceh for adoption. All paper-work will be taken care of. No fee. Please state age and sex of child required,” the message read.

Although the message mentioned no fee, Budd said: “If you read that text message, and if it is true, then either they have 300 orphans for sale or they have the capacity to seize children according to orders received.”

Children account for at least a third of the 150,000 people killed by the De-cember 26 tsunami. The killer waves ripped children from their parents’ arms, battering some to death and leaving others to survive alone.

See online : The Economic Times

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