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Uma Bharti named BJP general secretary

Neena Vyas

Friday 5 November 2004, by VYAS*Neena

NEW DELHI, NOV. 4. The former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Uma Bharti, has been appointed the Bharatiya Janata Party general secretary in the vacant slot.

Announcing this here today, the party spokesperson, Arun Jaitley, confirmed that Ms. Bharti met the party president, L.K. Advani, here this morning.

Apparently, a peace formula has been worked out.

Although Ms. Bharti has been wanting to return to Madhya Pradesh as Chief Minister that has been denied to her. Instead, her wish to be accommodated in some capacity in which she will continue to play a role in the State has been granted.

Mr. Jaitley said a coordination committee would be set up in Madhya Pradesh as an interface between the party and the Government. Ms. Bharti would be on this committee.

One of her demands was that a committee be set up in the State along the lines of the United Progressive Alliance committee chaired by Sonia Gandhi.

It seems that although the committee is to be set up, she may not be given chairmanship, which could go the prabhari, a position now held by Mr. Jaitley.

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