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Centre’s step reminds of Emergency days: Joshi

Monday 5 July 2004

NEW DELHI: Mounting attack on UPA government for sacking four Governors with RSS background, BJP on Monday said the move was akin to the steps taken by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to impose Emergency.

"The Governors have been removed because of their ideology and not their working... They are not government servants who can be hired and fired. Nowadays even firing government servants is not that easy," senior BJP leader and former union minister M M Joshi told a news channel.

He alleged the move reflected the attitude of "fascism" and similar logic had been used for imposing Emergency by Indira Gandhi.

Alleging the Congress-led government was out to "demolish institutions", he termed as "dangerous" the use of "different ideology" as the reason for dismissing the Governors.

On the statement by Home Minister Shivraj Patil that the Governors had been removed because of their belonging to "different ideology", he said "I don’t think he has suddenly said so. He may have been asked to say so by Sonia Gandhi as part of well-thought policy because she is running the affairs of the UPA coalition."

Neither Gandhi nor Prime Minister Manmohan Singh have denied that the Governors were removed because of ideology, Joshi said, adding it indicated that logic forwarded was not that of Patil.

He said if this trend continued, the government could remove or refuse to appoint persons to other constitutional posts like the Chief Election Commissioner, Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) on the basis of their ideology.

"Tomorrow, the government may say the opposition in Parliament has a different ideology and should go away," Joshi said.

The former HRD Minister alleged the policies of his successor Arjun Singh of changing syllabus of books were also driven by Gandhi.

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in The Times of India, Monday, July 05, 2004.

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