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Terrorists massacre 12 villagers near Pak border

Saturday 26 June 2004

JAMMU: Terrorists shot dead 12 civilians in Jammu and Kashmir in the biggest massacre since a new government took office in India. The terrorists were targeting villagers trained to fight militancy.

The Friday night massacre took place in Surankote area of Poonch district, a known militant stronghold 210 km north of Jammu bordering Pakistan.

The victims are suspected to be members of the village defence committee and their family members, but precise details are not known.

Such committees have been the targets of the militants for a long time. The committees are made up of volunteers who are given rudimentary military training to fight terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir.

Initial reports said the killers swooped on to Marah village and barged into the homes of the victims and opened fire.

Police sources here could not say how many victims were men and how many women.

No group has claimed responsibility, but police officers insisted that it was the work of separatist guerrillas fighting to end Indian rule in Jammu and Kashmir.

See online : The Times of India


in The Times of India, Saturday, June 26, 2004.

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