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BJP resolution skips Hindutva issues

Wednesday 23 June 2004

Skipping core Hindutva issues, the draft political resolution before the BJP national executive today focussed its attack on Congress President Sonia Gandhi accusing her of "belittling" the office of Prime Minister by the way Manmohan Singh was appointed to the top post.


Meeting for an introspective session after the shock defeat in the Lok Sabha election, the leaders took up for discussion the draft resolution which expressed confidence in the leadership of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and senior leader L K Advani. It noted that the party has grown under the statesmanship of Vajpayee.

Addressing the gathering, Advani asked partymen to "take along" the Sangh Parivar to widen the party base.

The resolution also proposed to launch a campaign against the Congress-led UPA government accusing it of soft pedalling the issues of terrorism and infiltration that is posing a grave threat to the country’s security and integrity.

Notwithstanding the demand of the members at the executive exhorting the party to get back to aggressive Hindutva, the resolution skipped the core Hindutva issues like Ram Janmabhoomi, abrogation of Article 370 and Uniform Civil Code. The resolution is expected to be adopted without any major changes.If at all, the changes will be minor in nature, highly-placed sources said.

Directing its attack on Sonia Gandhi, the resolution accused the Congress of blemishing the system of governance by creating two power centres in which Prime Minister Manmohan Singh plays second fiddle to "super Prime Minister" Sonia Gandhi.

"For the first time in the country’s history, we do not have an elected Prime Minister, but a selected Prime Minister bereft of real authority. The Congress party and its allies are systematically diluting the dignity and honour of the office of the Prime Minister," the four-page draft resolution said.

"The BJP wishes to alert the entire political class in this country that the belittling of the high office of the Prime Minister, and the emergence of an extra-constitutional power Centre in the person of Sonia Gandhi and the new phase of the Congress party’s craven surrender, yet again, to dynasticism are ominous developments in our democracy," the resolution said.

The party also expressed its concern over the rise of Communists as the "third power centre" in the ruling establishment. "It is now clear that, although the ruling UPA is numerically led by the Congress party, it is is ideologically and programmatically led from outside by CPI(M), which also holds the veto power and the rope to the guillotine." The draft resolution said the Congress Party’s "perversion" of the principle of secularism was evident most starkly in its "shocking" decision to induct a member of the Muslim League, "a rank communal party" into the Union Council of Ministers.

"For the first time in independent India, a party responsible for the partition of India has been given representation in the central Government in the name of secular solidarity," it said.

Taking strong exception to the induction of "tainted" persons into the Ministry, the party charged the Congress with blemishing the Indian republic by "criminalizing Governance at the Centre" and vowed to launch its campaign demanding their removal.

"The BJP demands that Parliament pass an effective law for barring persons who are chargesheeted in cases of heinous crimes from contesting elections and holding offices in public life," it said.

Criticising the "lack of cohesion" in the new government, the BJP charged External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh with "shooting his mouth off on important policy issues reportedly without consultations with the Prime Minister or within the Cabinet Committee on Security in ways that have embarrassed both the government and the country".

"This is a government in which the minister of ocean development makes statement on Ayodhya and the minister of railways makes statements on Godhra," the draft resolution said.

The national executive also resolved to launch a nation-wide mass awareness campaign against the Congress-led government for "soft-peddling of the issues of terrorism and infiltration".

Conceding that the party was unable to see the negative trends in several major states and take corrective measures in a timely manner, the party directed its units at all levels to focus on re-dedication to ideology and idealism and re-double the committment to development issues especially concerning farmers, rural poor and unorganised urban poor.

The resolution stressed on energising the party by overcoming organisational shortcomings and steadily expanding the party’s appeal in new geographical areas and social sections, especially in states facing the next round of assembly elections.

The resolution also talked about vigorously exposing the "contradictions, compromises, compulsions and failures" of the Congress-led government at the Centre.


in Outlook India, Wednesday, June 23, 2004.

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