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Sachin bats his way into textbooks

Tuesday 25 May 2004

NEW DELHI: His textbook-style of batting has made him the best batsman in the world. Now he will talk the talk with students through a textbook lesson.

An interview of batting genius Sachin Tendulkar is a lesson for school kids,who are revelling the opportunity to know more about their idol. The interview, which has Tendulkar talking about his rise to stardom and passion for the game, features in Class VI Hindi textbooks meant for MCD and government-aided schools.

Titled Indradhanush , the newly prepared text book by State Council for Educational research and Training (SCERT), introduced in Delhi from this academic session, also contains interviews of other great personalities like Amjad Ali Khan and Mahasweta Devi.

SCERT director Janaki Rajan said that these interviews have been included in the textbook as a new initiative towards making learning a more pleasurable experience.

Prof Krishna Kumar, central advisor to SCERT, said the purpose was to make children know about their role models in first person account. "It is more interactive when stars like Sachin speak about themselves."

Tendulkar talks about his memorable fun-filled Sharda Ashram school days where he was seen more on the playground than in classes.

"Sachin is an icon in India and kids draw inspiration from him. So, we thought that having a chapter on him will interest kids and at the same time make them understand that dedication and determination make a successful person," Kumar said.

The chapter, which also has Tendulkar talking about his friends and his hobbies, is already a hit with the students. "I read the interview the day I got the book. I learnt many things about his school days," said school student Nikhil Sharma.

"I always wanted to know what all things Sachin did as a kid and the chapter is really interesting," said Akhilesh, his classmate. Describing himself as a "mediocre boy and a very average student," Sachin says in the interview that as a child he was very naughty and always wanted to escape to the playground.

Revealing that he liked to hear his favourite music to unwind after a gruelling match, Tendulkar says one of his hobbies as a child was to collect coins. On his responsibilities as a father, Tendulkar says: "I am more like a friend to my kids, we love to spend time together and play cricket."

Strong determination, continuous practice, good understanding of the game, constant improvement of one’s abilities and courage to strike the ball with conviction -this is what Tendulkar says are the keys to becoming a good player.

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in The Times of India, Tuesday, May 25, 2004.

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