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In forsaking, Sonia im(press)es Italy

Thursday 20 May 2004

NEW DELHI : While Sonia is the toast of Indian media at the moment, getting her share of attention for obvious reasons. The news of Sonia refusing prime ministership and Manmohan Singh being elected the Prime Minister instead made headlines not only here but even the Italian press has mentioned it.

A headline in the foreign section of the country’s largest newspaper Corriere Della Sera says, ’Sonia Gandhi declines and proposes the name of the premier’. The item carries a file photo of Sonia and also a picture of the Congress supporter who threatened to shoot himself if Sonia did not become Prime Minister. The article carries information on how Sonia declined to lead the government in India despite winning the general elections. It also goes on to say that Sonia herself has proposed the name of Manmohan Singh as PM. The news, it says, has been confirmed by Congress leader Salman Khurshid.

Another newspaper La Repubblica carries an item ’Sonia Gandhi will not be the premier, problems concerning her Italian origin’.

The article goes on to say ’there is a debate on the Italian origin of the daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi’. The same newspaper also reported a day earlier that stock markets in India crashed as the news of Sonia Gandhi coming to power reached the markets.

According to reports filed by Italy ’s Ansa news agency, Sonia Gandhi’s Italian relatives have welcomed the Congress Party President’s decision not to become Prime Minister of India. "She took the right decision," said Sonia’s aunt Dorina Maino. "It’s better to stay out of politics."

Several of Sonia’s relatives had advised her against standing in Lok Sabha elections, in which she led Congress to victory, fearing for her life.

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in The Times of India, Thursday, May 20, 2004.

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