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People apprehensive about future: BJP

Tuesday 18 May 2004

By Our Special Correspondent

CHENNAI, MAY 18. The State general secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), H. Raja, today said the recent developments in the country created an apprehension among the people about their future.

In a statement here, Mr. Raja said during its six-year rule, the BJP-led Government had succeeded on the food front and improved the foreign exchange. But even before the new government took over, the stock market crashed because of "irresponsible statements" made by leaders who belonged to political parties involved in the formation of the next government. A sense of fear of an uncertain future gripped the people, he said.

The national secretary, L. Ganesan, appealed to cadres to participate in large numbers in the party’s agitation on Wednesday against the Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, becoming Prime Minister. He said it was a "national shame" that a person of foreign origin was likely to become Prime Minister. He said Ms. Gandhi did not get the mandate of the people to become Prime Minister, as her party and its allies did not get the majority in many States. (Ms. Gandhi has since said she never wanted to be Prime Minister).

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in The Hindu, Tuesday, May 18, 2004.

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