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BJP betrayed Hindus: VHP

Thursday 13 May 2004

NEW DELHI: As the NDA was voted out of power, VHP on Thursday made a scathing attack on BJP and its top leadership including Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee accusing them of "betraying" Hindus, sacrificing national security and using Pakistan to get Muslim votes.

"The BJP betrayed the Hindus. The party left the core ideology of Hindutva and the trust for which they were voted to power. The Hindus have punished them," VHP’s firebrand Secretary General Pravin Togadia said over phone from south Gujarat.

Accusing the BJP of tying with the jehadis and even Imam Bukhari of Delhi’s Jama Masjid, he said "Vajpayee and L K Advani used Pakistan and President Pervez Musharraf to get Muslim votes. They opened the borders and sacrificed national security for the sake of Muslim votes".

He said investors, the unemployed youth, farmers, labourers; the poor and the women "trusted them only due to their ideology. They left it and the Hindus punished them".

Asked whether the BJPs redemption lay in going back to Hindutva ideology, Togadia said "the leadership has lost the trust of the people and the Hindus will not trust them".

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in The Times of India, Thursday, May 13, 2004.

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