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Modi to make karmayogi training compulsory

Rajiv Jagubhai SHAH

Thursday 22 April 2004, by SHAH*Rajiv Jagubhai

GANDHINAGAR: With the Lok Sabha polls in Gujarat having taken place, the state government has decided to focus priority attention on how to streamline the senior babus, freeing them of the social evils and their impact on the administration.

In an order - described as "very important" by an official note - issued on Wednesday, the Narendra Modi government has made a Karmayogi course for all class one and two officials "absolutely compulsory". And there would be punitive action for those not willing.

Thus, the officials not undergoing the training at least once a year would not be entitled to a higher pay scale or promotion, the order says, adding, all employees belonging to the state services will have to compulsorily finish off the new Karmayogi training course by December 2005.

Their chance to go abroad on study leave, too, will be marred if they do not obey the order. On completion of the training, lasting for at least three days, the officials would have to obligatorily obtain a certificate.

Said the official note, this was being done with the aim to bring about a "qualitative change, fundamentally reform and improve work culture of the officials." Calling it a "policy decision", the note insists, this was being done because "a discouraging atmosphere exists in the state bureaucracy". People considers it responsible all existing social evils. "This has necessitated improvement in their work culture", it adds.

Considered part of the Karmayogi Maha Abhiyan launched by the chief minister last year at Kevadia Colony, the new compulsory training course would be handled directly by Modi’s additional principal secretary Hasmukh Adhia, who also heads the administrative reforms department and the Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration (SPIPA). Said Adhia, "The training is meant for non-IAS officials only. For IAS, similar training programmes are conducted at the all-India level."

It would be at least a three-day training for each senior employee, to be organised by SPIPA. The training would take place either at SPIPA, or if need be other parts of the country or at a foreign establishment. Significantly, many employees have already undergone training under the 20-hour vibrant or V-governance programme. "This V-governance training has nothing to do with the new plan," the official note adds.

See online : The Times of India


in The Times of India, Thursday, April 22, 2004.

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