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Now, reservations for the Dons?


Wednesday 23 June 2004, by SINGH?*Dalip

NEW DELHI: It’s being dubbed as Don Quota in police circles. Is there some sort of undeclared reservation in CBSE’s pre-medical and pre-dental entrance examination for students belonging to Hindi-speaking belt, especially Bihar?

The Central Bureau of Investigation and Delhi police are looking at profiles of successful candidates in CBSE’s premedical examinations for 2003 and 2004 to establish the extent of involvement of Ranjit Don, Ranjeet Verma and their associates in the recent CBSE paper leaks.

First, take a look at some figures from CBSE’s pre-medical entrance examinations. Bihar topped last year’s list of successful candidates, with 405 of them making to various colleges out of 1,271 students selected.

It is closely followed by students from Rajasthan (368), Uttar Pradesh (261), Delhi (127) and Kerala (110). Surprisingly, no student from states like Maharashtra and West Bengal found a place among the qualifying students.

See online : The Times of India


in The Times of India, Tuesday, April 27, 2004.

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