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BJP refuses to attach significance to SC order in Best Bakery

Thursday 15 April 2004

Ahmedabad, Apr 15 (PTI) Refusing to attach much significance to the Supreme Court’s order in Best Bakery case, in context of forthcoming Lok Sabha polls, the BJP today said that it would not like to make judicial judgements a subject of political debate in the midst of elections, which are being contested on several "other" relevant issues. "I don’t think elections are decided on basis of any impact created by court orders. This elections are being contested on other very relevant issues like leadership, political stability, managment of national security and others", national BJP spokesman and Union Law Minister Arun Jaitley told reporters here today. When asked to react to certain Supreme Court’s observations, he said: "It is not my intention at all to make judicial judgements, a subject matter of any political debate or comment. We are in midst of elections and I think we will discuss all issues relevant to elections." "It would be also appropriate for all us not to drag either courts or judgements into political thicket," Jaitley said. The BJP spokesman said that he does not wish to make any generalised comment on the apex court order, which is related to a "particular case" only.

Answering queries on management of internal security with referance to Gujarat riots, Jaitley said: "We have had many unfortunate incidents in the past. There were reports of commissions and comments made. But when magnitude of violence and unrest is very large, administration gets overstretched." "I am not holding any brief for anybody at any layer, who immediately should have taken some action and who was unable to do? This is a matter where there are commisions who will find out as and when they will give their reports," he said. The Law Minister added that it had been NDA government’s endeavour to help states get freedom from riots and by and large the nation today is moving towards this position. "In many states where riots were largely frequent, they are on a gradual decline today. Even Gujarat, which had large frequency (of riots), there is decline except for Godhra and its aftermath, which was unfortunate." "We hope that they do not recur," Jaitly said. To a question whether Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was slowly becoming a "liability" for BJP, Jaitley said: "He (Modi) is unquestionbly a very important leader of party. Let’s not speculate today by the use of adjectives, how much an asset he is. This question will be answered either way at 1 pm on May 13." He said it was in the elections held in the backdrop of Godhra incident and its aftermath that BJP was elected to form a government and today Gujarat is spearheading the development agenda since one and half years.

See online : Outlook India


Best Bakery ruling slap on Centre and Modi’s face: Pawar

Mumbai, Apr 14 (PTI) NCP President Sharad Pawar today said the Supreme Court’s decision to shift the Best Bakery case while ordering a retrial and reinvestigation was a "slap on face of the Centre and the Narendra Modi Government." "Judiciary in the country has discharged its duty righteously time to time, which was proved by the Supreme Court’s ruling," he told reporters. The apex court ruling was also a shot in arm for those who believe in impartial hearing and delivery of justice, he said.

in Outlook India, PTI, April 15, 2004.

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