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Hindus are like Jews

The Times of India

Thursday 3 July 2003

ANI [THURSDAY, JULY 03, 2003 12:19:48 PM]

LAHORE: Hindus were like Jews and they can never be the friends of Muslims, a leading Pakistan journalist was quoted as saying by a newspaper in Lahore on Wednesday.

"Let us include Hindus in the list as there is no difference between Hindus and Jews," Majid Nizami, editor-in-chief of The Nation and president of Nazria Pakistan Foundation, was quoted as saying by the Pak Tribune.

Referring to injunctions appearing in the Quran in which Allah has warned that Christians and Jews could not be friends of Muslims, he said sub-continental history and past experiences suggested the same scenario was equally visible between Muslims and Hindus.

On Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf’s controversial decision to retain the post of army chief, Nizami said: "If Musharraf believes that there would be no war between Pakistan and India then he should shed the uniform. Jihad is the motto of Pakistan Army and there should not be any attempt to change it."

"Instead of indulging ourselves in unnecessary troubles we should wait for the right time and eliminate our double standards," he said.

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