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Vajpayee faces mafia pincers

Wednesday 14 April 2004

LUCKNOW: Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee is in for yet another embarrassment in his home constituency, the second in two months. Both incidents link his party to the mafia.

The first is western UP liquor don D P Yadav’s induction into the BJP, due to which the PM had to face the media’s furore. Now, it is the involvement of gangster Brijendra Murari Yadav, the official organiser of the disastrous sari show on Monday.

Though Vajpayee has publicly declared Tandon’s birthday bash was not a party function, Lucknowites are not buying the story.

Yadav, a history-sheeter with 13 cases against him, is known for his prodigal lifestyle. His luxury house in Mahanagar is even called the local Taj Mahal.

The cases against him include three of murder, six of rioting and attempted murder and four of illegal possession of arms. At least seven cases are still pending; the status of the others is unclear. The first criminal case against him was registered in 1983, and the latest in 1996. He was detained under the National Security Act in 1992 and Gangster Act in 1996.

Assisting him in his deals is brother Yogendra Yadav, with 22 cases registered with the police.

Interestingly, the crime record of both the Yadav brothers came to a grinding halt after 1996. The reason was their growing political clout as Yadav developed close contacts with a few top politicians in the state before he finally hitched on to the saffron bandwagon.

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in The Times of India, Wednesday, April 14, 2004.

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