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Jharkhand villagers burn two for being ’witches’

Thursday 3 July 2003

Article du "Hindustan Times", ?dition du 3 juillet 2003.

Two tribal women suspected of being "witches" were burnt to death by a village mob in Jharkhand, police said on Thursday.

The police spokesman said the incident took place in a village in Jharkhand’s tribal-dominated Godda belt 300 km north of Ranchi.

Police said the mob dragged 35-year-old Bahamay Kisku and 50-year-old Nanka Hembrom out of their huts, took them to a nearby field where they poured kerosene over them before setting them ablaze.

The mob accused the two women of making another villager, Anant Hansda, ill.

Women’s rights groups have launched a campaign against gruesome attacks on helpless women in remote villages where the practice of sorcery is common among the tribal communities.


Agence France-Presse Ranchi, July 3

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