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Ayodhya in manifesto not good enough for VHP

Saturday 10 April 2004

NEW DELHI: The VHP on Friday attacked the NDA for suggesting a resolution to Ayodhya through negotiation or judiciary, saying it amounted to "denial of the Ram temple to Hindus."

It asserted that it would not settle for anything less than a legislation on the matter. Pointing out that the NDA, in its manifesto, promised a law to bar people of foreign origin from holding high offices, VHP international general secretary Praveen Togadia said: "Why can’t they do the same with regard to the Ram temple construction? It appears targeting Sonia Gandhi is more important to them that the temple."

Togadia said legislation was the "only way" to resolve the vexed issue.

"We have no hope in negotiations. We have no trust in Muslims as far as the temple is concerned. Talks on the issue will end in Muslim appeasement," he added.

The firebrand leader said the NDA had failed to resolve the matter during its five-year rule and the VHP had no hope of the coalition government settling the matter in the next five years.

"How long will we wait?" he asked. "If the NDA wants to respect Hindu sentiments, it must promise and pass a legislation on the Ram temple."

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in Times of India, PTI, Saturday, April 10, 2004.

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