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Advani raises temple issue for first time during yatra

Sunday 21 March 2004

Bagalkot (Karnataka), Mar 15 (PTI) Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani today said he was confident that a grand Ram temple would be built at his "very birth place" with the "cooperation and support of all". Into the sixth day of his Bharat Uday Yatra since setting out from Kanyakumari, he changed the course of his speech at a public meeting here and made reference to Ayodhya when a section of the gathering demanded construction of Ram temple. Advani said Ram temple would "definitely" be built and it is "in everyone’s heart".

Along with Ram Mandir, "we should also build a grand rashtra mandir and Bharat mata mandir", Advani said, emphasising that the people should join in the nation building task to make India a superpower. "I am confident that the temple will be built at the very birthplace of Ram with the support and cooperation of all", Advani, touring Karnataka for the fourth day today as part of his Yatra that would end its state leg at Humnabad in Bidar district tomorrow, said. Earlier in the day, speaking to reporters at Hubli, Advani said an "enduring solution" by way of a negotiated settlement of the vexed Ayodhya issue would come about "within a short time after the formation of the new government". "My interaction ... government’s interaction with sections involved in the matter convinces me that within a short time after the formation of the new government, there would be an agreement amongst the two communities for resolution of the issue". "It will be a negotiated settlement which will come about and that has a great advantage over both — court verdict as well as resolution by Parliament", he said. Advani said there were three courses that were always talked about. "We have always felt that even if there is a court verdict, even if there is a resolution by parliament, the problem will not be sorted out premanently. Agitations would continue whereas if there is an agreement after negotiations, it would be an enduring solution".

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Outlook India, March 15, 2004.

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