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Seven killed in intra-community clash


Thursday 8 January 2004, by MUKHERJEE*Sourav

AHMEDABAD: Seven persons, including three women and four children, were hacked and bludgeoned to death on Thursday evening. Police officials said that a group clash within the nomadic Vanzara community members had resulted in the massacre.

Thirteen persons were injured in the incident that took place around 7.30 pm at Baldana village, a rural settlement of Ahmedabad district about 26 km from heart of the city.

However Superintendent of Police Ahmedabad (rural), Manoj Agarwal, was "not clear" about the cause behind the massacre as investigations into the episode went on till late in the night.

"The clash was apparently the result of some minor dispute between two groups of the Vanzara community," Agarwal said. The three probable causes behind the clash that the police were exploring were: eve teasing, fight over right to occupy a particular plot of tillable land or over the ownership of cattle.

A couple of days before this incident took place, a minor clash between the two groups had taken place but was temporarily sorted out by elders of the community. However on Thursday evening matters came to a pass as this group of women and children were attacked by some unidentified group of four miscreants.

The injured have been admitted in the Civil and VS Hospitals.

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The Times of India, Thusrday, January 08, 2004.

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