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NDA will build Ram Temple, says Advani


Sunday 8 February 2004

Ahmedabad: Stating that the temple would be built at Ram Janmabhoomi and that too with the consent of both parties (Hindus and Muslims), Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani today said the NDA government would also work for return of Kashmiri pandits to the valley. [Discuss: Is there a ’feel-good’ factor as claimed by the NDA Government?

Addressing a gathering at Chandlodia area of the city, Advani, quoting Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s yesterday’s statement at Ayodhya, said, "give us five more years as we have much unfinished work to do for the people that includes the construction of the Ram Mandir".

He was speaking after inaugurating the sixth ’Health Mela’ in his Parliamentary constituency, Gandhinagar.

"We have much more to do for the people and one such demand by crores of Indians is that the Ram Temple must come up at Ram Janmabhoomi... which will happen... and that too with the concent of both parties," Advani said.

The DPM today moved around all six assembly segments of his Parliamentary constituency and opened ’health melas’ for locals and those below poverty line at a cost of Rs 16 lakhs that would be borne by funds from the Member of Parliament quota.

Advani said another important issue for the NDA if they return to power for the next five years would be to "ensure the return of Kashmiri Pandits to the valley".

"It is important for the Kashmiri Pandits to go back to live in the valley in a conducive atmosphere and that is one of the important things in our agenda," the DPM said.

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