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AIDWA - All India Democratic Women Association

AIDWA is a left oriented women’s organisation committed to achieving democracy, equality and women’s emancipation. AIDWA membership comprises women of all strata, regardless of caste, class or creed but its main focus of attention is work among the poorer sections of women.

AIDWA was founded in 1981, as an all India organisation. However, several State units of the organisation had come into existence in the crucible of the freedom struggle and have a commendable record of anti-imperialist and pro-working people’s activism, dating back to pre-Independance days. AIDWA now has an organisational presence in 18 States in the country. AIDWA has an annual renewable membership. Its membership in 2001 was over 6 million. In its social composition AIDWA’s membership includes women from all castes and communities. About two thirds of the membership is from India’s urban and rural poor women.

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