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BSP trying to make inroads in Haryana

Saturday 14 July 2007

Special Correspondent

Targets non-Jats, especially Brahmins

CHANDIGARH: The Bahujan Samaj Party is trying to make inroads in Haryana after its spectacular victory in the Uttar Pradesh elections. According to highly-placed sources, the BSP leadership is wooing non-Jats, especially the Brahmins, who are said to be sizeable in number in Haryana.

According to political observers, this development is significant as the BSP is said to have regained power in UP with massive support of the Brahmins.

It is also being said that the group within the Congress owing allegiance to former Chief Minister Bhajan Lal and his younger son Kuldeep Bishnoi, both non-Jats, could even join hands with the BSP if it decides to finally part ways with the Congress in a future scenario which is still hazy. However, Haryana-watchers say that the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD),which is part of the newly-formed Third Front, could also strike an “understanding” with the BSP if it manages to woo the non-Jats and especially the Brahmins.

Meanwhile, even though the Congress leadership has officially not “reacted” to these apparent political developments, insiders say that the party would have to soon not only counter the Kuldeep Bishnoi factor and check Mr. Bhajan Lal’s influence on the non-Jats but also tackle the growing inroads by the BSP.

Political observers say that the Congress would have to project and bring to the forefront prominent non-Jat and Brahmin leaders like former Union Minister and sitting MLA from Ambala, Venod Sharma, and two former Ministers, Mange Ram Gupta, till recently a close associate of Mr. Bhajan Lal, and Harpal Singh. Meanwhile, political circles here are agog with speculation that Mr. Hooda might induct two Ministers who could represent the non-Jats.

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