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BSP weaved a caste combination that once helped Congress

Sunday 13 May 2007

Lucknow, May 13. (PTI): While the decades-old political outfits were jockeying even for second and third positions, the 23-year old BSP has emerged as the most powerful party in Uttar Pradesh in the Assembly polls by weaving a caste combination that had once helped the Congress to rule the State for decades.

The results of the Assembly polls reflected decimation of the smaller outfits and decrease in the strength of Congress, BJP and Samajwadi Party while giving a big boost to Mayawati’s BSP.

The BSP was formed on April 14, 1984 by late Kanshiram with the objective of fighting the "Manuvadi forces" and bring about a radical change in the prevailing social system.

Despite the loss of a section of its traditional vote bank with some of the lower caste groups forming separate outfits, the BSP romped home winners tapping a sizable section of the upper caste and Muslim voters.

BSP caught the attention of the major political parties five years after it came into being when it had won two seats in the Lok Sabha Elections on its own in 1989 although Kanshiram had contested unsuccessfully against former Prime Minister V P Singh from Allahabad in 1987.

The BSP showed its strength at the grass root level, when it was able to win support from the Dalits in the 1991 Assembly polls at a time when the ram wave was sweeping the State.

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